General Rules of Use.

General Rules of Use.

Any use of services requires acceptance of the following. If you do not agree please do not use the website.

General Rules of Use.. Any use of services requires acceptance of the following. If you do not agree please do not use the website.

  • The purpose of is to be a collection point for job ads in Greece so that visitors can find all job ads collected.
  • The use of services is only available to adults who act for themselves or as legal representatives of companies, with the purpose of searching for a job.


  • All services to website users for work are provided free of charge to all.
  • Modification, suspension or discontinuance of part or all of's services and terms of use may occur without notice and bears no responsibility
  • The services are encouraged to be used by all job seekers in Greece.
  • The services are limited to those described or mentioned on the site. does not undertake any financial or other obligation to third parties, which is required for the use of its services or access to them.

Liability and Rights

  • Companies / businesses that enjoy services grant the site the right to use their name and logo to serve the needs of attracting candidates and promoting its services.
  • All users access the services at their own risk and in good faith. Any use of the services for purposes other than those declared, access to information of a non-public nature, attempt to alter information, unauthorized control of the system, unnecessary burden on resources, harassment of other users or other action directed against with or without the use of special means, will be perceived as a violation of the privacy of communication and / or transactions, and any involved violators will be prosecuted.

Use and Acceptance

  • The content, design, layout and texts of the site are the intellectual property of their creators and - by declaration - their owners. It is prohibited to copy part or all of the site, for any reason.
  • Each use of services, access to information, site pages, use of resources and contact addresses, use of a form, pressing of a button marked "send", "yes", "OK", and communication via e-mail, fax, mail or telephone, presupposes the full and unreserved acceptance of all the above conditions.
  • In the event of repeal or legislative annulment of any of the above terms, this does not affect the balance that remains active.